Changing Narratives

Empowering Displaced and Refugee women through skills and sales

Changing Narratives

Empowering women through skills and sales

Who we are

We are an organisation dedicated to empowering Displaced and Refugee women through the acquisition of essential skills. We believe in the transformative power of education and practical training to unlock opportunities and foster independence. Through tailored programs, we equip Displaced and Refugee women and refugees with the tools they need to return back to their home communities or reintegrate in their host communities. Our mission is rooted in creating a supportive community where every woman can thrive, build confidence, and achieve her full potential. Together, we are changing narratives where empowered women lead and inspire change in their communities and beyond.

Years of Impact
Women Trained

What we do

We empower Displaced and Refugee women through comprehensive skill acquisition programs. Through workshops, training sessions, we equip Displaced and RefugeeĀ women with practical skills in craftsmanship and entrepreneurship.

We facilitate access to markets through online platforms and local partnerships, enabling Displaced and RefugeeĀ women to showcase and sell their products to a broader audience. By fostering economic independence and entrepreneurial spirit, we aim to create sustainable opportunities that empower women to thrive, achieve financial stability, and make a lasting impact in their communities.

Skill Acquisition

Our skill acquisition initiatives helps
women to make a living

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