Durumi In-Camp Vocational Skills Hub


The Skilled Women Initiative(TSWINI) Durumi In-camp Vocational skills Hub, is a training center that provides Vocational and climate Adaptation Skills, cash- 4- work opportunities for young girls, boys and women living in the IDP camp.

  1. The Durumi In-camp skills center is located at the heart of the camp, and provides cash for- work opportunities for over 50 women residing in camp.
  2. The Skills hub is equipped with over 70 sewing machines, and is a great learning center
  3. In Skills hub has a variety of KWANDO products in-shelf, making it easy to buy products when you visit the camp.

TSWINI In-camp Services

  • Tailored to fit Aprons
  • Re-usable Shopping Bags
  • Re-usable Sanitary Towels
  • Petroleum Jelly

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