TSWINI- Vocational and Climate Mitigation Skills Training Center Abuja

  • The TSWINI training Center is an Out of camp facility that caters for training needs for persons who are looking to up-skill or learn a new skill at an affordable price.
  • We also offer free trainings to Internally displaced persons, refugees , low-income women, and people who have suffered cases of gender based violence at a subsidized cost.

The training center is equipped with equipment’s and training materials to provide skills in;

  1. Fashion deigning
  2. Textile Upcycling
  3. Millinery
  4. Photography
  5. Baking and Confectionery
  6. Household care Production
  7. Fish farming
  8. Hydroponics
  9. Charcoal briquette Productions

The Training school is open Monday –Friday, 9am – 4pm and is currently admitting new students for the next training sessions in July.


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