The Global Compact on Refugees- Analyzing the commitment by African Countries- (Nigeria, Kenya and Malawi) A Twitter Space event.

The Global Compact on Refugees- Analyzing the commitment by African Countries (Nigeria, Kenya and Malawi)

In collaboration with 3 amazing leaders working in the refugee space, TSWINI will be hosting a twitter space to analyze the commitment of Nigeria, Kenya and Malawi to the Global Compact on Refugees (GCR) which is a frame work for equitable responsibility sharing, provides a blueprint for governments, international organizations and other stakeholders to ensure that host communities get the support they need and that refugees can lead productive lives.

To discuss the GRC, we have Farini Buunda Toussaint from Malawi founder of Salma Africa ,Akso Kaposho from Kenya founder of Ki4BLI kenya, Dr Ndaga yvonne Endam founder of Endam home of hope from Cameroon, Marta Rrazi CEO Akara Cafe /TSWINI Refugee Gneder analyst and our founder Mrs Chisom Ihebuzo Nwankwo.

Each speaker will be sharing what their host/ home countries have done to ensure that refugee lives matter and host communities get the best support through relevant policies, programmes and projects.

Meet the Speakers

Farini Buunda Tousaint is a Congolese refugee whose extraordinary journey has led him to become a beacon of hope

and inspiration for his fellow refugees in Malawi. Since 2013 Farini has resided in the Dzeleka Refugee camp where he co founded Salama Africa with his younger brother Fredy Farini to empower youth and children in the Dzaleka refugee camp through the transformative power of Art. Farini has established a recording studio, and his beneficiaries from Salama Africa have shared stages with Peter Okoye of P square , diamond Platnumz, Harmonize and Madonna.

Farini’s dedication to humanitarian work extends beyond artistic endeavors. He has organized numerous charitable initiatives including the distribution of 5000 face masks during the COVID 19 pandemic, providing women and girls living in Dzeleka camp with 60 sewing machines, provided wellness and healthcare supplies to support the well being of the elderly population in Dzeleka Camp and most recently equipping over 100 children with digital Skills.

Farini has a degree in health management which he acquired while living in the Dzeleka refugee camp from REGIS University Denver Colarado, a business leadership certification from the university of Texas at Austin and the University of Massachusetts-Amherst.

M Kaposho Akso from DR Congo is a passionate person in community services with 4 years of experience working in remote areas, that led him being the Co-founder and operation lead of Kalobeyei Initiative for Better life (KI4BLI), a young refugees -led organization.

He has an outstanding humanitarian career that he stated in the western part of Kenya since 2018. He worked at Dan Church Aid (DCA) Kenya, as incentive supervisor, Lutheran World federation Kenya as outreach youth representative, AAR japan Kenya as Education community worker, landmark worldwide as an introduction forum leader and a community outreach volunteer. Akso has a Bachelor’s degree in Bible studies and community development outreach in 2022.He has various qualifications in leadership, Information technology, Digital marketing, virtual assistance , peace building and conflict resolution, entrepreneurship and core Humanitarian standard strategies.

Dr Ndaga Yvonne Endam is a Cameroonian refugee residing in Nigeria. She is the founder and CEO of Endam home of hope an NGO that provides shelter, skills training and protection from gender violence for refugees in Nigeria. Endam Home of hope seeks to address negative coping mechanisms to the vulnerable refugee population. Since 2018 Dr Endam has sheltered over 100 refugees through the Endam Home of hope. She is the recipient of the UNHCR NGO Innovation award 2022.

And our founder Chisom Ihebuzo Nwankwo a Cleantech policy expert, Humanitarian and multi talented milliner who is very passionate about providing better living options for refugees and Internally displaced persons in Nigeria. Through The Skilled Women Initiative (TSWINI) Chisom has provided technical, vocational and entrepreneurial training for over 1000 IDPs in North central Nigeria, created the Kwando brand an access-to-market vehicle for products made by refugees and IDPs, the TSWINI Impact fund for refugees which supports, co-shared business space, digital devices, healthcare insurance and education support for refugees. Chisom has worked with organizations like the Nigerian Centre for Jobs, migration and Integration , The German Agency for Cooperation (GIZ) ,the Spanish Embassy in Nigeria, the Pro-poor growth Programme (SEDIN), to create impactful TVET programmes for IDPs.

Chisom is also a renowned expert in Clean technology with over 15 years working experience as an investment banker and a senior scientific officer with The Federal Ministry of Science, technology and Innovation Nigeria where she served as project manager for The Nigerian Cleantech innovation programme and the Global cleantech Innovation programme . She is also the co-founder and chief technology officer at The TSWINI Company , a cleantech support and renewable energy company in Abuja.

A graduate of microbiology from Madonna University, she has multiple leadership certificates as a Mandela Washington fellow from the Gimpa Institute of Management and public Administration Ghana, Bridgewater university Massachusetts and Drexel University Philadelphia.

Chisom is also an award winning, multi talented celebrity milliner for CiiE, her afrocentric, eco-luxe fashion accessory design brand.

Martha E. Edem popularly known as Martha Rrazi is the founder & CEO of Akara Cafe, an innovative Nigerian brand that seeks to promote “that great Nigerian Spirit” through Nigerian meals and experiences. Martha is also a writer and literary editor who has worked with Society of Book and magazine editors of Nigeria, The Germany agency for cooperation (GIZ) amongst others. Martha is passioante about art, advocacy , youth and human development. She is currently exploring the interdisplinary field of Gender. And as volunteer with The Skilled Women Initiative, she serves as the refugee gender analyst ensuring that all TSWINI’s programmes have a gender balance that caters to the needs of both female and male refugees. In 2018, Martha published her first book: a coffee table book of poetry and photos titled, 33.

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