Clean-up, healthcare and wellness programme to mark Earth day 2023 in partnership with Transcorp Hilton, EHA Clinics REACH and Chanja Datti Ltd

On April 20th 2023, TSWINI partnered with Transcorp Hilton, EHA Clinics REACH programme and Chanja Datti Ltd to carry out a clean-up, healthcare and wellness exercise at the Malaysia garden IDP community. During the event, Women and children had opportunities for health checks with EHA REACH, while the team from Transcorp Hilton and Chanja Datti […]
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The Skilled Women Initiative Unveiled the TSWINI Impact Fund on the 30th August, 2022. The TSWINI Impact fund is a dedicated funding for refugees, IDPs, low income persons and most especially TSWINI Alumni who have successfully completed the TSWINI 12months Impact cycle. The TSWINI Impact fund supported 10 beneficiaries with smart phones, co-shared business space, […]
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