The Kwando Bank Season 1- Pitch-a-thon for low-income earners

The Kwando Bank Pitch-a-thon for low-income earners will be supporting people who earn below the minimum wage with impact funding of N50,000 Naira each. By low income earners we mean road side vendors, petty market sellers, vulcanizers, road sweepers, refugees, IDPs and others.

Beneficiaries for Season will be selected by a team of TSWINI impact investors

Each beneficiary will also have a dedicated impact investor who will mentor and support their business growth. Beneficiaries will also be expected to have small businesses older than 6 months, and generating at least N10,000 monthly.

A beneficiary can either nominate themselves or have someone else nominate them.

Kindly fill out the form below to nominate yourself or someone you now to be part of this amazing opportunity.

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